Events done by Shilpa Chaurasia

India Runway Week

India Runway Week is the Asia’s youngest fashion event. It is platform for newbie to pro. Each season is the introduction of new talent that promotes Indian designers on the global fashion stage. From retail buyers to investors, all get the freshest collection through young designers. IRW is the good source of business opportunities that facilitates networking interactions between designers, affiliate and buyers. The event is bundled with enriching experience for socialite also.

There are people who do not know about how to coordinate different pieces of cloth but if you have designer pieces and IRW platform to learn more about fashion trends, you cannot go wrong ever in your style and in gesture. Designer wear is proper guideline for all the users when it comes to mix and match or whether proper team of skirts, lehenga, cape top, cullotes, kaftans and many more you have to put on to make your special day more special.


India Federation for Fashion Designers (IFFD)

IFFD is the grand opportunity for fashion industry members whether new or old. It is the realization of dream through connecting to all fashionista networking with a purpose to boost industry growth in textile world. IFFD gives complete knowledge of local and overseas, it is encouraging the best brands to be the investors. The connectivity of local and international market with the old and new talents through IFFD is on the go process and timeless.